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December 15, 2012
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April 9, 2013

The Reef Explorer

Planning for an island getaway to the island of Vanuatu brings you to a different type of excitement. Going to an island gives you the liberty to be with the sea creatures and to admire all the beauty that it brings. It also lets you enjoy different types of island activities that make your holiday even more exciting. Being on an island getaway, you see the beauty of the underwater world and the beauty of the reefs as well.

Port Vila Vanuatu

is the best place to explore different Vanuatu attraction that’s just waiting for you to have fun along with your family and kids. Some of the activities you can do are sports fishing, shopping, fish feeding, 4WD tour of the island, Vanuatu snorkelling, and you can also ride the ‘semi-sub’ known as The Reef Explorer to see the underwater Vanuatu attractions.

The Vanuatu weather has a tropical climate which enables the locals and tourists to greatly enjoy beach activities and as well as the heat of the sun in the South Pacific. Beaches are one of the beauties of nature that everyone should enjoy. From kicking back and relaxing to playing beach volleyball, there are many activities you can do that bring along great fun and adventure with your family and friends. In the months of March to November everyone can surely enjoy the tropical weather of Vanuatu. So, make sure that you research on the most recent Vanuatu tours and Port Vila tours so you can greatly enjoy your dream holiday vacation.

You can choose one of the short accommodation packages that your local travel agents are offering. You don’t have to worry since there are lots of beach activities and as well tour destinations to which you can include in your trip. If you are on a tight budget, having a short trip in the South Pacific is most recommended. Amazing packages await you so you better plan your vacation very well and explore what the beaches of Vanuatu have to offer. You can have fun during the day and night in Vanuatu since activities are endless. Trying the night life in Vanuatu is surely worth your while.

During your trip, you should not miss The Reef Explorer since it is what many tourists are raving about. You will get to see the beautiful reef of Irriki Island through their customized underwater viewing areas. You will absolutely love seeing lots of clown fish since their corals are the home of these amazing sea creatures. You don’t have to buy anything extra since snorkelling equipment, and food for fish feeding is readily available.

Note: It is important that tourists and guests should be aware of any medical condition that they currently have before taking any activities such as swimming and snorkelling. Conditions such as asthma diabetes, cardiac conditions, epilepsy, respiratory conditions and heart problems should be checked with your physician to ensure safe activities all throughout your vacation.

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