• Took this tour and was definite not disappointed. Departure times Mon-Sat 10:30 and 2pm. You take the lane way down to the jetty T Cafe du Village next to he Grand Hotel & Casino. Tour lasts about 1.5 hours . Cost is 3500 vat for adults, child under 12 2500vat or family pass 2 adults and two children 10,000vat. Children 4 and under free. Snorkelling gear is provided if you don't have your own. Our ages ranged from 63 to 4. The benefit of this boat is that you actually sit below the water and look Brough the glass panels, not like other tour where you peer down through as glass panel below. They moor off Iririki Island and you see so many fish it was unbelievable. There were heaps of different varieties of coral too that were pointed out to us along the way as well as fish before we anchored. Once we stopped you were given bread to hand feed the fish whilst snorkelling. Crew were very friendly and polite. It s a must do tour whilst in Vanuatu. You will not be disappointed! Life jackets are also provide for those who aren't confident swimmers
  • Had a wonderful tour of the coral reef courtesy of Marcus on the Reef Explorer. The boat goes out twice a day, for approximately one and a half hours, and my husband and I were the only ones on the afternoon cruise. We loved checking out the reef in the underwater submarine section, and then my husband was able to snorkel and feed the fish before we finished off with a quick tour of Port Vila Harbour before we returned. Had a lovely time and Marcus is great!
    Donna A
  • Went out on this boat with my husband and some friends, what a great tour! The guys running it are friendly and knowledgeable about the best snorkelling places. The boat is semi-submersible so you can sit underneath and look out the windows straight into the water, the fish and coral are amazing! We stopped and snorkelled for about half an hour and the guys gave us bread to feed the fish, there were so many! Definitely recommend this tour, it's great whether you are confident at snorkelling or happy to sit on the boat!
    Wauchope, Australia
  • Terrific fun for kids - and a great price [$100 for a family of 4]: make sure you ask for that option. Good quality snorkelling gear. Warning: if a passenger liner comes in to Port Vila on the day you have booked, make sure - before you leave your hotel - that you are still booked on the tour! We were nearly bumped, because preference is given to passengers on the liner - but a strong representation by us ensured that we were able to get on!
    Canberra, Australia
  • My husband and I took our two young boys (baby and toddler) on this tour and all had a sensational time. The reef explorer is centrally located in Port Villa however be aware that the new docking location is different to the brochure due to cyclone Pam damage. The viewing from the glass keel was great and our boys really enjoyed seeing the many fish and types of coral. Joseph our guide was very informative also. My husband and I had planned to take turns snorkeling so one of us was with the children however when we got to our snorkeling spot the guides offered to care for the kids while we swam and also took photos for us. The boys had the best time and felt very comfortable with the guides. The watched us swimming from the keel and also fed the fish from the boat deck. A very relaxing, enjoyable experience which we highly recommend.
    Alanna O
    Adelaide, South Australia
  • If you don't have much time in Port Vila this is a great experience. It was ideal for my husband and me as he does not like to get wet and I love to snorkel, so he very much enjoyed being 'under' the water in the bottom of the boat while I was able to have fun with the fish! And the whole boat is shaded, which is a blessing. As we went in the low season we were the only passengers and had a 2:1 staff to passenger ratio, which was great! They were friendly and helpful and didn't rush us even though I could have stayed in the water all day. This is much better than the usual glass-bottom boat because you are down with the fish. They don't even have to go far offshore. Well worth the effort - but to find it you have to find the Cafe du Village first and walk through it to the other side. Beware that they don't seem to have an office or toilets where you can change and you have to pay in cash. Brilliant!
    Adelaide, South Australia
  • Our fours kids between 21 and 8 had a blast. The view around the reefs was excellent then the snorkelling began. Lots of fish being hand fed with bread. Fingers were sometimes being mistaken for the bread which was met with shrieks of laughter. Highly recommended.
  • For anyone that can not get in the water and snorkel or dive this is a must. Obvioulsy our 1 yr old son can not swim let alone snorkel so that why we choose this. Its a good 2 hrs so does not take all day and is just enough time to see a lot of fish. Our son was glued to the glass bottom windows loving the amount of fish and great coral.
    Sydney, Australia
  • We took Nan and the kids on the Reef Explorer today and it was fantastic. Nan was able to sit back and relax and view the gorgeous tropical fish from the glass bottom and then chat with the lovely staff while we (husband, me and the kids age 7 and 9) did some snorkeling. We went for a leisurely cruise out to the perfect spot while taking in the sites. When we reached our destination (gorgeous reef!) we jumped off the side of the boat and viewed some of the tropical fish. The water was so clean and warm. Fish were attracted by bits of bread strategically thrown in the water by the staff - the kids thought it was awesome. This is a great way to experience fantastic snorkeling in a neat, tidy and clean boat. The tour was the perfect length of time - not too short, not too long. You can experience the beautiful Port Vila ocean and still fit in a nice lunch or other activities. Thanks to Jules and Gregory for being awesome hosts.
    Port-Vila, Efate, Vanuatu
  • I did this for an hour and a half and wished I had done the 2 hour trip. It was lovely just to sit on the deck and watch the world go by. Downstairs was a viewing area which showed the beautiful coral and sea life. It did get a bit hot and stuffy but it was worth it. The staff were lovely and helpful. You could snorkel if you wanted to, or just sit on the boat and cruise around for a while. A really nice experience.
    Sue F
    Sydney, Australia
  • We did the Reef Explorer trip after winning a 2 for the price of 1 deal at Iririki Resort. it was a good trip and we saw a lot while snorkeling, but considering you can very easily get to Snorkeler's Cove yourself, I don't think the trip is really worth the money you pay for it. Also, I ended up feeling quite sea sick in the submerged pat of the boat as it's so hot and stuffy.
    Melbourne, Australia
  • Thanks to the Reef Explorer staff, we had a wonderful outing. It was great to sit in the keel of the boat and watch everything going on in the water, instead of having to lean over and look down through glass on a glass bottom boat, like we did in aussie. Then to be able to get into the water and feed all those beautiful fish topped it off. floating in the water was easy as the sea is alot saltier in Vanuatu, and the noodles helped keep us steady. Googles and flippers were supplied. BUT dont forget to take your camera. dont forget to take a camera.
    Jeff G
    New Plymouth